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Why Headlight Maintenance Is Vital to Highway Safety

A burned out headlight may not seem like a huge deal, but it cuts a driver's visibility in half. That's like driving with one eye closed. Properly functioning headlights play a vital role in highway safety. It's easier to see road hazards, disabled vehicles, and wildlife that may have wandered into your path when the roadway is well lit.

Regular maintenance will ensure that your headlights are working at their full potential. The most common problem involving headlights is a simple burned out lightbulb. Whenever you have one bulb replaced, it's best to replace the other…

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What Happens When a Car Overheats?

When a car’s engine runs, it naturally builds up heat. The cooling system is in charge of keeping the motor between 195 to 220 degrees. The cooling system is coolant liquid, hoses, fans, and pumps. If any component underperforms, breaks, or begins to leak, the car could start to get hot. The coolant liquid must always be moving and capturing heat then removing it. Circulation can stop because of a broken thermostat or bad pump.

If a vehicle gets too hot, the pistons expand. The expanded pistons can no longer fit into the cylinders correctly, and they grind and…

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Be Sure to Follow Safe Towing Practices

Perhaps you’ve decided that you would like to purchase a boat to enjoy your trips to the lake. One of the aspects of that purchase that’s important to consider is how you’re going to tow it. The first thing you need to do is verify what your vehicle’s towing capacity is. That’s accomplished by checking the owner’s manual.

Compare their recommended limits with what you intend to purchase. If the boat you’re considering is too heavy for your vehicle, you’ll need to either look at the lighter boat or upgrade your vehicle…

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What to Do When Your Car Breaks Down

If your car breaks down, the first thing that you need to do is take a deep breath to calm your nerves. Then, it is important to determine why your car stopped running. If you have a flat tire, you may be able to replace it on your own.

In the event that the engine is too hot, adding water may allow you to drive it to a service station. Ideally, you will have a cell phone that will enable you to call for help. It may also be possible to go online to find a solution to your issue…

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Flexibility Works Well with Online Service Scheduler

You need a flexible calendar. You need to jot down appointment times that work well within your daily tasks and errands. Here at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh, we’ve created an online service scheduler to make life a little easier. The last thing you want is an appointment time that makes you switch everything else around. Our online service scheduler allows you to pick the appointment time that works with your current schedule. You'll see a list of available appointment options. You choose the time that works best.

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Why is a Tank Full of Gas in the Car Important in Winter?

By getting fuel in the gas tank often this winter, you lessen the risks of potential dangers while driving those slick and snowy roads. Keep in mind how a full tank of gas this winter can benefit your vehicle. The last thing you need is you run into trouble on a deserted road is to find you are out of gas and cannot operate the heaters to keep warm while you wait for help.

A full tank of gas allows you to keep the car running and warm until help arrives. The more gas in the tank, the heavier the…

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Be Sure to Keep your Gas Tank Full this Winter

We here at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh are excited for the upcoming seasons. We do want to take a moment and give you some proper care ideas for this winter. This winter, be sure to keep your fuel tank full. Do not be tempted to allow that fuel tank to get too low. Aside from possible mechanical break downs due to this bad habit, you could also be putting your personal safety at risk…

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Maintain Your Vehicle Service with an Online Appointment

When you first purchased your vehicle, you were committed to making sure that you would get the required maintenance completed on a regular basis. Perhaps because of time restraints, you haven’t been able to schedule your service appointment. Well, Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh has made it easier for you to accomplish scheduling your appointment to help you get back on track.

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Why To Keep Your Gas Tank from Running Empty This Winter

One of the things that we recommend at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh is that you keep your gas tank full during these winter months. It may sound a little bit tricky, but doing so will make sure that you won't run out of gas whenever you need it the most.

The truth about your gas tank is that the empty space in the tank is taken up by fuel vapors. These vapors condense on both sides of the tank as the weather gradually gets cooler and cooler during the winter months. Water vapor also mixes with the fuel…

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Why Getting Winter Wiper Blades is a Smart Investment

If you are driving your car this winter and have not yet made any changes to the windshield wipers, you could be in for a tough time seeing as the weather gets worse. These are the advantages of getting new winter wiper blades on your car.

Don't have new winter wiper blades on your car? The first thing that you will notice when driving is that the ice and snow gets trapped inside the framework and the blades can't flex and contact the glass to keep it clear. New winter wiper blades have a covering over them that…

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