Move Seamlessly Through Your Day with the 2019 Nissan Sentra

The Nissan Sentra is a popular mid-size sedan. A turbocharger and updated handling technologies make this model appealing and enjoyable to drive. The Xtronic CVT makes your ride more efficient saving you fuel costs in the long run.

A 1.6-liter engine with trademarked DIG turbocharger provides up to 50 percent more power to give you 188 horsepower. Manual shift controls let you grab the gear you need to merge with heavy traffic on the Interstate. It comes standard with Eco mode to reduce fuel costs. Fuel mileage averages 30 miles per gallon with this model.

The suspension is stiffer for better handling. Nissan offers a Sports mode with the upgraded version of the Sentra. Do you want to make your commute a better trip? We at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh want to show you how well the Nissan Sentra will perform. Take us up on our offer for a free test drive.



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