Why is a Tank Full of Gas in the Car Important in Winter?

By getting fuel in the gas tank often this winter, you lessen the risks of potential dangers while driving those slick and snowy roads. Keep in mind how a full tank of gas this winter can benefit your vehicle. The last thing you need is you run into trouble on a deserted road is to find you are out of gas and cannot operate the heaters to keep warm while you wait for help.

A full tank of gas allows you to keep the car running and warm until help arrives. The more gas in the tank, the heavier the rear of the car and the better those back tires will stay in contact with the slippery surface. An empty gas tank can allow moisture to form which freezes to ice and might clog fuel lines in freezing temperatures.

Keep the winter safety tips from Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh in the back of your mind during your travels this season!

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