Be Sure to Keep your Gas Tank Full this Winter

We here at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh are excited for the upcoming seasons. We do want to take a moment and give you some proper care ideas for this winter. This winter, be sure to keep your fuel tank full. Do not be tempted to allow that fuel tank to get too low. Aside from possible mechanical break downs due to this bad habit, you could also be putting your personal safety at risk.

By keeping a full tank, you are always ready for whatever life throws your way. Let’s say you get stuck in a snow storm when traveling for the holidays, or even if you were to slide off the road in slick conditions. Odds are that getting a tow truck in a timely manner are not on your side. If this happens and you are sitting on a full tank of fuel, you do not have a worry in the world. You will be nice and warm, letting your car run, while you wait on help to arrive. The cold alternative is not one that you will want to experience.

Get your vehicle ready for winter travel here in our service center with routine maintenance and repair, as our team will be happy to provide you with more tips for the colder months to round out the year.

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