Achieving Peace and Quiet Inside the Nissan Maxima

When you first set eyes on the Nissan Maxima, its aerodynamic and luxurious design is apparent from the exterior. This upscale sports car looks like its racing forward even when it is parked. What’s not so obvious until you step inside is the serenity of the passenger cabin.

To ensure an interior that’s insulated from high-frequency wind noise, Acoustic Laminated Glass is used on the windshield and front side windows. If your trim is equipped with Bose® audio, you also benefit from Active Noise Cancellation. This feature monitors the sound of the engine and the environment and then delivers a signal from the speakers to cancel the noise.

Advanced engineering and high-technology come together to offer you convenience and performance in the Nissan Maxima. Experience them both when you go for a test drive. Set up an appointment today with our staff members at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh.



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