Don't Ignore Your Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is coming on is a sign that you need to get something checked out with your car. Many drivers hesitate to take it to the dealership, since we may not otherwise notice anything outwardly wrong with the vehicle. However, this light coming on is trying to tell you something.

You will want to get it dealt with before the problem becomes bigger, or more expensive to fix. Some of the reasons for the check engine light coming on may be simpler fixes, since as replacing spark plugs or plug wires. You may even just have a loose gas cap from the last time you fueled up. It may also mean you need to replace something like an O2 sensor, mass airflow sensor, or other sensors beneath the hood.

Before your unknown issue gets worse, make sure to bring it to see us at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh in Nottingham to check out that glowing light for you. We'll make turn your problems into a memory of the past!

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