Keep Your Tire Rotations on a Regular Schedule

By getting to the service center every other oil change for them to do a tire rotation, you not only preserve the tires, but you also make driving conditions safer on the roadways. Here is why you must get the tires rotated often, according to our experience mechanics at Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh:

  • If the tires are not being rotated at least every 5,000 miles, they are going to have a harder time gripped slick roadways which could cause the vehicle to be much harder to control in inclement weather.
  • When the tires are not up on the lift at the tire center being rotated, then you run the risk of the warranty being voided if they fail.
  • When tires wear unevenly, then what could happen is the handling and performance will significantly suffer at high speeds, making it more challenging to maintain your lane.

All it takes is a trip to our Nottingham, MD and our certified tire technicians can inspect or rotate your tires in no time at all!

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