Changing Tires Has Never Been More Straightforward

As you already know, tires separate vehicles’ rims from roadways. This extends the longevity of roadways, as tires as cushioned by the air inside of them, allows your vehicle to absorb less wear and tear, as well as stay grounded to the roads themselves.

Arguably the most important feature of vehicle tires is their tread, or the recessions cut into the external surface of tires, the side that meets the road.

Less tread means it’s harder to stop on wet roads. Further, hydroplaning is many times easier; this is true because water doesn’t get channeled out from under the path of the vehicle, as it’s supposed to.

10/32 inches is the length of most new car tires’ tread. Once it drops to 4/32 inches, it’s time for new tires. Check this length by inserting a quarter into the tread and if the president’s head is covered, it’s not quite time yet.

Come to Sheehy Nissan of White Marsh and let us change your tires.

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